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“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jake Morgan is the name, time-decorating is the game! Cheers for getting this far in my bio. The rest contains spoilers from my bio-pic. 


Although I love writing in various musical styles, I would love for Hollywood to pigeonhole me into the MASSIVE budget type films… and musicals. Call me a grandad, but I love the kind of films that are synonymous with their music, and the music is synonymous with the film! I wrote a musical called ‘Immortal’, which was staged in 2021 and is now being developed into an animated film! 


If you happen to be a producer reading this, I also speak your language. KaehlnnjDHUh… Just kidding. I run a film production company with my brother (Morgan Brothers), and guess who I hire to compose? Correct, I hire me. You get 10 points if you guessed correctly. Make what you will of that testimonial.


I’ve been very lucky to have had incredible industry mentors. Cecilia Weston (Moulin Rouge, Love Actually), Rich Dickerson (Scooby Doo!), Pete Anthony (How to Train Your Dragon 2), Christopher Young (The Shipping News) and Heather Fenoughty (StarDog and TurboCat). They wouldn’t all put their reputation on the line if they thought I was shite. Alls I’m sayin’…


Another fun fact which I kept secret for so long; I skipped bachelors and went straight to masters degree. The University of Edinburgh accepted me onto their MSc in Composition for Screen programme regardless of me having a bachelors degree. Maybe it was a mistake - I like to believe I got in on merit of my music, but it’s too late for them to take it off me now. So I shall remain a master.


Check out my IMDb page for a grossly underrepresented selection of my credits ( And please have a listen to my music! 

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Invite Jake onto your creative team, you won't regret it!

(00353) 85 749 5633

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