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About me!
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Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jake Morgan is an award-winning time-decorator with a passion for creating unique and memorable musical worlds. His expertise in classical, traditional and ethnic music provides a sonic palette like no other.


Jake’s key credits include; Sky’s award winning animation The Ghastly Ghoul’, Morgan Creative’s Sooner or Later’, the award winning documentary, Cumar - A Galway Rhapsody’, and an original stage musical ‘Immortal’


Adding another string to his bow, Jake is also a prolific film producer. With his brother Luke, he founded ‘Morgan Brothers’, a film production company based in the west of Ireland (


In 2018, Jake achieved a masters degree in composing for screen from the University of Edinburgh. In addition to that, he has been mentored by some of the most legendary industry professionals; Cecilia Weston (Moulin Rouge, Love Actually), Rich Dickerson (Scooby Doo!), Pete Anthony (How to Train Your Dragon 2), Christopher Young (Spiderman 3) and Heather Fenoughty (StarDog and TurboCat).


Please reach out if you would like to discuss the music for your project at

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Invite Jake onto your creative team, you won't regret it!

(00353) 85 749 5633

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